1. Customer-Oriented

We are customer-oriented, aiming to assist our staff in developing their career, building up excellent teams and enhancing management quality. We are committed to provide safe, comfortable and quality living environment for our clients.

2. Integrity

We adhere to the principle of integrity and honesty.  We recruit high morality staff who always abide to law, refrain from abuse of power, and deal fairly and impartially with every customer. The integrity of Modern Living omits any bribery.

3. Accountability

We own a team of sincere, courteous and accountable staff who always uphold the principle of dedication, team work, and ensure professionalism of the services we deliver.

4. Innovative

We are innovative and take any initiative to make improvements.  We constantly reform practice to keep pace with the times and strive for excellence.

5. Efficiency

We are prompt to take immediate actions to advance workflow, team structure, technology application and management system responsive to the changing market environment to improve service efficiency.