Estate Management Services
Security Services
Cleaning Services
Estate Management Services
1. General Management Services
  • Oversee the daily management of facilities
  • Regularly inspect the facilities to ensure proper functioning of the building facilities
  • Oversee the cleanliness of the estates, waste collection and disposal arrangements
  • Handle emergency situations in the estates, such as typhoon , flooding, fire hazard, criminal activities, and disruption to public utilities services
2. Tenancy Management
  • Provide tenancy management services to the Housing Authority for managing the tenants of Public Rental Housing estates, including new tenant taking up a flat, preparing the tenancy agreement, cleaning up the unit and handing over the vacant possession of the flat to the new tenant on behalf of the Housing Authority
  • Provide complaint and enquiry facilities in the estate management office for handling tenants’ complaints and enquiries
  • Provide a 24-hour centralized control room with security guard on duty
  • Assist the Housing Authority in enforcing the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement
3. Financial Management Services
  • Collect on behalf of the Housing Authority monthly payment of rents, rates or other charges by the tenants or licensees
  • Responsible for finance and budgetary control of the estates by drawing up annual budget of the estates with estimated operating expenses for upcoming financial year
  • Prepare financial accounts and provide bookkeeping and accounting services to estate common areas on behalf of the Housing Authority
4. Minor Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Undertake regular or minor repair and maintenance to ensure the properties are in a safe and good state of repair
  • Conduct regular technical inspections and appraisal of the status of the buildings
  • Carry out necessary minor repair and building services and urgent building maintenance works as set out in the property management service contracts
5. Project Management Services
  • Provide project management services when external contractors or consultants are engaged by our customers to carry out substantial repair or maintenance or building works
  • Provide professional consultancy services to our customers on the major building works
Security Services
  • Patrolling the common areas, roof top and public facilities
  • Guarding the entrance lobby for access control and maintain peace and order within the estates
  • Checking the normal functioning of all building services systems
  • In case of emergency situation, our security guards are required to attend and perform emergency duties when required (such as reporting to the police, Fire Services Department and evacuating the residents)
  • Carry out testing from time to time to ensure the proper functioning of the CCTV security system, emergency back-up electricity system, door lock system and firefighting equipment
Cleaning Services
  • Maintain a clean and neat living environment for the residents of the estates
  • Assist in promoting recycling, such as providing recycling bins for different types of refuse in buildings, separate the recycling materials with household refuse, implement programmes or initiatives on promoting waste reduction and distribute garbage bags which are degradable to residential units